Across the World the Financial Services sector is experiencing far reaching change. These changes are presenting businesses with big challenges and enticing opportunities.

Primary themes include: compliance and regulation; new technology and it’s effective application; cost control and margin improvement

    New players are entering the market, some with business models that disrupt established practices.  These new entrants are typically unencumbered by legacy systems and processes enabling them to adopt simple working methods supported by the latest technology. 

    For established market participants these changes are driving an ever increasing need to simplify organisations, processes and systems to drive out costs.  The race is on to achieve sustainable returns while providing a compelling customer offer at sharp price point. 

    Arundel can help organisations navigate this period of change by providing skilled resources to help:

    • Develop operational strategy and business performance improvement plans
    • Redesign operating models and make insourcing and outsourcing decisions
    • Shape and mobilise work programmes to make changes rapidly
    • Manage delivery of complex change and IT initiatives

    Our broad exposure across multiple sectors combined with experience in banking, risk and insurance, positions us to help our clients shape innovative solutions in this fast changing sector.